Chip Butty, chippy bought or homemade chips

Traditional English sandwich made with yummy greasy chips and a spread of ketchup or brown sauce.

A chip butty can be made for the sole purpose of making this classic English sandwich or simply use chip shop chips to make the sarnie as your eating your chips at home. Home made chip butties don’t work as well as chippy chips but a bunch of your favourite home made or oven chips will be something else.

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Cheese and Bacon Sandwich

A creamy mature Cheddar cheese with rashers of quality bacon provides lashes of flavours from very simple and little ingredients.

Simple to make the cheese and bacon sandwich consists of just the simplest of fillings. With a creamy mature Cheddar cheese and the bacon juices sitting in the mayo during chill time in the fridge, the marination produces a strong creamy cheese mayo with the bacon juices blended in. Continue reading “Cheese and Bacon Sandwich”