BBQ Sausage Sandwich

Do something different with your barbeque this year with a summer barbeque sandwich filled with real barbeque sausages and a tangy sauce.

The BBQ sausage sandwich recipe is a real treat, filled with real barbeque sausages in a thick cut farmhouse white bread, topped with a tangy BBQ sauce. This BBQ sausage sandwich is perfect when you’re ready to get the barbeque out in the garden so you can cook the sausages the real way, on an actual bbq. A barbeque sausage sandwich is a simple one, with very little ingredients and expense.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

2x Thick white bread
3x Cumberland Sausages
BBQ Sauce from your favourite brand


1. Begin by barbecuing your Cumberland sausages until they are evenly browned, but we recommend you charcoal your sausages ever so slightly to bring out the real BBQ taste to life

2. With a sharp knife, cut the 3 sausages down the middle lengthways, and place the 6 halves on one piece of white bread

3. Finish off by pouring a generous amount of barbeque sauce over the sausages and complete the sandwich with the second piece of bread over the top then eat immediately

Tips & Advice

You can still make this BBQ sandwich recipe without a barbeque by cooking the sausages under the grill or shallow fry on the pan.

Serving Suggestions

Let your guest pour their own sauce and leave out tomato ketchup just incase they’re not keen on BBQ sauce.

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