Cheese On Toast

Try our British style cheese on toast made with a quality mild English Cheddar cheese on toast, it really is that simple. Cheddar cheese is the ideal melting cheese and works wonders with this recipe because of it melting quality.

Made with simple slices of thick cut white bread you’ll have a meal in no time. All it takes is toasting one side of the bread under the grill, flip it over and add your slices of cheese and cook until cheese is melted.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

3x slices white bread
10x Slices mild Cheddar cheese


1. Start by toasting one side of the three slices of white bread under a hot grill

2. When bread is browned on one side remove the three slices of bread on to the kitchen work top

3. Fully cover the un-toasted side of all three bread slices with a generous layer of the Cheddar cheese. You may need to cut a slice or two to fill in the gaps

4. Proceed by placing the bread back under the grill with cheese topped side facing up for the direct heat to melt the cheese

5. Continue to cook toast until cheese is completely melted and turned a light pale colour

6. You can remove the cheese on toast now but we prefer to let the cheese melt further until the cheese produces a lovely golden crispy layer. The toast may brown more than you need but we love the golden layer

Tips & Advice

Cook your Cheddar cheese until golden where the flavour lies. Allow the cheese on toast to cook under the grill until your cheese bobbles and areas of the cheese turns golden. The toast may cook more than you want it but its totally worth letting the cheese melt further producing a golden crispy layer.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this cheese on toast for breakfast or as a light lunch. Add a pinch of salt and pepper on cheese for seasoning and or a dollop of ketchup or brown sauce for added flavour. However, we prefer it with no extra ingredients.

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