Ham and Cheese Panini

Cook up a smoked ham and mature Cheddar cheese pain panini with grill marks, from the bakery.

It’s quick, simple but incredibly tasty, just slice a strong Cheddar and use a deli or quality package wafer smoked ham and throw it in a fresh panini. Heat this up in the oven and the ham will cook and the cheese well melt beautifully. A ham and cheese panini sandwich is the easiest one you can make.

Prep Time: 4 Minutes
Cooking Time: 18 Minutes
Serves: 1

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 1087 Fat: 69.1g Salt: 4.5g Carbs: 50.3g Protein: 65g Fibre: 3.1g Energy: 4528kJ Calcium: 1330.2mg


  • 1 plain panini with grill marks
  • 480g strong mature Cheddar cheese, 6 slices
  • 3 slices wafer thin smoked ham
  • Butter, optional


  • Start by cutting open a plain white panini, spreading soft butter over the top slice, but this is optional
  • Then cut 6 slices of a strong mature Cheddar cheese and layer over the bottom panini slice covering the bread all over
  • And again, layer the cheese with 3 slices of wafer thin smoked ham
  • Close up the panini with the top slice and cover the whole sandwich with a sheet of kitchen foil
  • Place into a pre-heated oven at Gas Mark 5 for 18 minutes, making sure you turn around half way through cooking
  • Then remove from oven, remove foil and cut in half before eating right away

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