In Pictures: Tuna Mayo with Tuna Chunks in Brine

Learn how to make a simple tuna mayonnaise mixture with only mayo and a can of Princes tuna chunks in brine. Then use this nicely spreadable filling in a choice of sandwiches or pile on a jacket potato or with pasta.

Step 1: Opening a can of tuna chunks in brine

Opened can of Princes tuna in brine
Start by opening a good can of tuna, Princes or John West if you’re in the UK both provide good quality, dolphin friendly canned tuna. Remove the lid completely as you’ll need this to drain the water from the can.

Step 2: Empty can of tuna into a bowl

Emptying brine from can in bowl
Place a bowl, preferably glass, into your sink and start the process of pressing the can lid into the tuna to drain the brine thoroughly. Failing to do a proper job at this stage will force the remaining water to rise in your final mixture when settled.

Step 3: Thoroughly drain can of tuna chunks

Drained can of tuna
Once you’ve repeatedly pressed and drained the brine from the can it will look quite dry, as shown in the photo above. It would help if you attempt to squash any more lingering water at this stage.

Step 4: Start with an empty bowl

Empty glass bowl to make mixture
You’ll need to wash your hands before this stage as they will be quite messy, and smelly. Now start with a bowl, if you use any bowl other than glass, it may take several washes to get the tuna stink out.

Step 5: Empty can and break down tuna chunks

Breaking down tuna chunks
Completely empty the 112g (weight after draining brine) can into a clean deep mixing bowl and begin breaking down the tuna chunks into smaller pieces using a fork.

Step 6: Add the mayonnaise

Tablespoon of mayonnaise
Using a separate spoon, add 2 tablespoons of Hellmann’s real mayonnaise into the bowl, but don’t allow the spoon to come into contact with the tuna. The person using the mayo after you won’t be best pleased.

Step 7: Mix tuna and mayo

Mixing tuna and mayo in bowl
And now using the fork, just mix the mayo and tuna together thoroughly. Try not to leave any dry tuna pieces and at the same time make sure there’s no big dollops of mayo not mixed in with the tuna.

Step 8: Cover with cling film and refrigerate

Cover tuna mayo with cling film
Finally, cover the mixture with cling film and add to the fridge for at least 1 hour for it to ferment. If you’re using a glass bowl the cling film will stick, but a plastic bowl doesn’t take hold of cling film very well.

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