Just Ham Sandwich

The ham sandwich is a British classic, filled with plenty of packet ham in a medium cut white bread, with a spread of butter or mayonnaise to finish. Ham sandwiches can be dressed in many ways; salad, mustard and pickle, but you can’t beat the tasty ham sandwich with no added fillings and no fuss.

Simple and easy to make, an ham sandwich is perfect for picnics, kids lunch boxes or a quick snack during the day. But with many variations of the ham sandwich, you may wish to add a few extra fillings like salad or dressings like mayonnaise or mustard.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

4 medium cut sliced white bread
200g ham (wafer thin sliced) (you know the type with added water)
1x tablespoon butter or mayonnaise


1. Lay two pieces of medium cut white bread down on your kitchen surface

2. Spread a thin layer of butter on each piece, or if butter is not your thing spread a layer of mayonnaise instead

3. Take half a pack of 100g ham and place on one piece of bread and another 100g of ham on the other piece of bread to make up two sandwiches

4. You can lightly fold or wrap the smoked ham to create a thicker layer

5. Finish your ham sandwich with the second piece of white bread slice and its done. You may want to add a spread of butter or mayo on the top piece just to add a little bit of moisture just in case its a little to dry for you

Tips & Advice

You may want to replace the packet ham with a quality deli ham as an healthier solution. Also try it with cucumber, tomato and lettuce. Alternatively, add a spread of Coleman’s mustard.

Serving Suggestions

If this simple ham sandwich doesn’t quite wet your appetite, serve it on a plate with a dollop of salad cream or mayonnaise as a dip for your sandwich.

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