Meatball Marinara Sub

Traditional Italian marinara sauce sandwich filled with Italian herbs, tomatoes in juice and Italian Provolone cheese.

Made popular by Subway, the meatball marinara sub is filled with Italian flavours and will satisfy your hunger in no time. This meatball marinara sub roll includes large beef meatballs in a tasty spicy tomato sauce with herbs and topped with melted Provolone cheese.

Unfortunately, marinara sauce is not widely available so we’ve provided instruction on how to make marinara sauce at very little expense but cooked by you for that homemade satisfaction.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

2x Sub rolls
12x beef meatballs
400g Marinara sauce (or make it yourself)
8x slices of Provolone cheese


1. Firstly, cook your beef meatballs as instructed on the packaging. You may wish to shallow fry them in vegetable oil or cook them in the oven as the healthier option. Once cooked, leave them to stand on the side on paper towel to catch access fat

2. Pour your marinara sauce into a pan and cook all 12 beef meatballs in the marinara sauce

3. to simmer the marinara sauce and meatballs for a further 15 to 20 minutes but avoid bringing the sauce to a boil

4. When your marinara sauce and meatballs are almost ready, slice your two sub rolls across the middle down the side and lightly toast the 4 cut sides on a flat griddle. This will create a seal and insure the moisture stays put and doesn’t make the bread soggy

5. Assemble your meatball marinara sub by placing 6 whole beef meatballs into each sub with plenty of marinara sauce. Then place 4 slices of Provolone cheese on top of the meatballs to complete the the meatball sub (the sub is ready to eat now or please continue with the instructions below)

6. To melt your cheese: Cover the whole meatball subs in silver foil paper, place on a baking tray on the middle shelve of a pre-heated oven at gas mark 5 (375 centigrade) for 15 minutes or so. This will heat the meatball sub right through and melt your cheese (Alternatively, you may have a kitchen blowtorch that will melt your cheese slices perfectly and more conveniently). Check to see the cheese is melted and if not, re-cover and continue to cook until melted

Tips & Advice

If you want to keep your subs soft, do not attempt to lightly grill the inside of the subs with a traditional oven grill as this will turn the subs into toast.

Serving Suggestions

Take your meatballs and marinara sauce and add to delicious pasta for a traditional Italian dish.

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