Mozzarella & Tomato Sandwich Thin

Reduce the fat and calorie content with this simple mozzarella and tomato sandwich thin for a sandwich with reduced bread, but still interesting fillings.

Probably best served up to those on a low fat diet, this sandwich thin will take all that unhealthy ingredients away, well still maintaining creamy cheese and freshly sliced tomato with Hellmann’s mayonnaise to help it down.

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Serves: 1

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 215 Fat: 10g Salt: 0.8g Carbs: 20g Protein: 9.6g Fibre: 1.2g Energy: 898kJ


  • 1 Warburtons white sandwich thin
  • 4 Mozzarella slices, 30g
  • 1 tbsp. Hellmann’s light mayonnaise, small scoop
  • 2 Tomato slices


  • Open up a sandwich thin and spread one tablespoon of Hellmann’s light mayonnaise onto the bottom slice
  • Pat dry a Mozzarella ball and cut 4 slices, about 3mm thick, and position them over the mayo
  • Finally cut 2 slices of tomato and position over the cheese
  • Top the sandwich with the top thin slice and serve

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