Nutella Banana Sandwich

Add something special to the kids lunch box with a Nutella chocolate and banana sandwich.

This Nutella banana sandwich is good enough for anyone, but you'll have to tempt yourself away has its to good to resist. This sandwich is perfect for the kids school lunch box, picnic or maybe for a child's party. The Nutella banana sandwich is a real treat and the combination of milk chocolate and banana is a match made in heaven. It may not be an healthy choice with the chocolate but the banana and multi-seeded brown bread will sure make it more suitable. Just try not to indulge yourself in one to often.

Ingredients (Serves 1)


  1. Take your slice of bread and spread a generous amount of Nutella insuring you have all the corners and edges covered. But try not to make to much of a mess.
  2. Take around nine thick cut banana slices and lay them directly over the Nutella position the banana slices side by side.
  3. Finally, you only need to add your top slice of multi-seed bread piece and your done.
  4. Cut the sandwich in to half diagonally and serve.
Tips & Advice
Make this sandwich more sweet with a spread of strawberry or raspberry jam (jelly). Spread some jam under the top layer of bread so when the sandwich is closed the jam combines with the banana and Nutella directly.
Serving Suggestions
The Nutella banana sandwich should be served on a plate as a special treat or at a kids party with other treats to add to the plate.

Added: February 24 2011

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