Ploughmans Sandwich Recipe

The ploughman's is the ideal lunch sandwich filled with a mix of salads and Branston pickle with a sweet tangy twist.

The ploughmans sandwich is popular in the UK consisting of cold sandwich ingredients. The ploughman's is composed of a mild Cheddar cheese, salad with lettuce with tomato and a spread of Branston sweet pickle and mayonnaise in a thick cut wholemeal bread filled with goodness and perfect for a healthy diet. These simple sandwich ingredients are easy to get your hands on and the sandwich can be made and served in a matter of minutes.

Ingredients (Serves 1)


  1. Take your wholemeal bread piece and spread Branston sweet pickle over the bottom layer insuring you cover the edges.
  2. Then spread a tablespoon of real mayonnaise across the top piece of bread covering the whole piece.
  3. Slice 4 pieces of Mature Cheddar cheese and add directly on to the Branston sweet pickle but overlap the cheese if you desire.
  4. Cut four thick slices of juicy tomatoes and place on top of cheese, but if you like more tomato add an extra slice.
  5. Finish off the ploughmans sandwich with Iceberg lettuce and add the top piece of bread with the mayonnaise on to complete the ploughman's.
Tips & Advice
Make life easy with finely chopped Branston sweet pickle for spreading over the Cheddar. Add more to this sandwich with a spread of mayo with the sweet pickle directly on top.
Serving Suggestions
Turn our ploughmans sandwich into a ploughman's lunch with the ingredients above on a plate with a choice of ham or a pork pie added to the dish.

Added: February 14th 2011

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