Prawn Sandwich

The prawn sandwich is a British classic widely used at posh corporate events, tea parties and from top end cafes. The prawn sandwich sauce is made from a tablespoon of mayonnaise with a sprinkle of dill filled in a wholemeal bread.

In the last couple of years and prawn sandwich has disappeared and replaced with the prawn mayonnaise sandwich. Here, we’ve brought back the classic prawn sandwich with a touch of class and tradition. The prawn sandwich is a winner with seafood lovers and perfect for tea parties.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

4 thick cut wholemeal bread slices
100g Cold water prawns
1x tablespoons Coleman’s prawn cocktail sauce
1x tablespoon chopped dill


1. Simply add four tablespoons of real mayonnaise and one tablespoon of bill into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly together

2. Add 100g of small cold water prawns in to the mayonnaise and dill mixture and again mix the prawns thoroughly. Insure the prawns are thoroughly defrosted before you begin

3. Now get your 4 slices of thick cut wholemeal bread out of the bread bag and place on your kitchen work surface

4. Finally, slap an equal amount of prawn and dill mayonnaise mixture on to two slices of bread and finish the prawn sandwich with the top slices of bread

5. Cover the sandwiches with cling film, place in the fridge for 30 minutes then its ready. Placing the sandwich in the fridge for a short while will allow the prawns and cocktail sauce to marinade slightly – this will bring the whole sandwich to the same temperature which will make a big difference. That’s why to some chilled sandwiches taste better

Tips & Advice

Give your prawn sandwich a kick with a dollop of seafood sauce. Try not to use to much as it is quite a strong tasting sauce.

Serving Suggestions

This traditional prawn cocktail sandwich would make a great addition to your next English tea party.

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