Revealed: the Queens favourite sandwiches

The Queen is a creature of habit, consuming food as nourishment, unlike most of us who are passionate about food and like to share our experience.

But the Queen not surprisingly does stick to the classic English afternoon tea sandwiches, associated with Royalty and posh people. Among them a cucumber sandwich with a light spread of butter and even curry flavoured, coronation chicken.

However, this is only sandwiches we assume that is consumed by the Queen and the royal household. But a few years ago a former chef of the Queen revealed what Her Majesty’s favourite food are – with all sandwiches de-crusted.

Here are a few:

  • Tuna Mayonnaise: Served with thinly sliced cucumber and freshly ground black pepper on a loaf of bread sliced lengthways
  • Jam: Spread of strawberry or raspberry jam with a light spread of butter served in white bread with the crusts removed
  • Egg Mayonnaise: Lightly boiled egg with mayonnaise on a white bread- and yes the crust removed

These are all classic afternoon tea party sandwiches, so next time you need ideas for your party, take your cue from the Queen who still eats traditional sandwiches made famous by royalty.

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