Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Whip up some fried scrambled egg in the morning and put it all in to a sandwich for a quick and easy breakfast. The scrambled egg sandwich is simple as it gets, two eggs scrambled in a frying pan and placed in a sandwich. If you’re in need of new egg sandwich ideas a scrambled egg sandwich is the way to go.

Not exactly healthy, but once in a while scrambled eggs would make the ideal breakfast sandwich or lunch. These scrambled eggs are fried in the pan for full flavour and simply added to bread. Add salt and pepper for seasoning and a dollop of tomato ketchup.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

2x slices thick cut white bread
2x Fresh organic eggs
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Tomato ketchup (optional)


1. Start by breaking two eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk together thoroughly

2. two tablespoons of water to the whisked eggs to prevent the eggs browning and tasting like an omelette

3. Slowly heat up three tablespoons of cooking oil but never allow to fry

4. Pour in the whisked eggs into the frying pan and let it settle for 30 or so seconds

5. Now start to scramble the eggs with a spatula insuring you always move the eggs to stop it browning at the bottom

6. Turn off the hob and add your scrambled eggs directly on to your sandwich slice waiting on your chopping board

7. Finally add salt and pepper for seasoning, and if you like pour a little tomato ketchup over the top bread slice and close the sandwich. Cut in half and serve

Tips & Advice

Be sure to add a little water to your whisked eggs to prevent the scrambled eggs browning in the frying pan. Cook on a low heat and always scramble the eggs in the pan to stop it turning in to an omelet. You can add a little milk to your whisked eggs for density but it makes little difference with the taste.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast or lunch. You may also like to toast the bread first to create a seal and stop the grease soaking into the bread. Serve sandwich with cold orange juice.

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