Tesco Ham, Cheese Coleslaw Wrap Review

Wheat flour wrap, red Cheddar cheese (with colour annatto) smoked formed ham with added water, lettuce, mayonnaise, soured cream, carrot, cabbage and red onion.

Actually, as simple as the ingredients sound, this is not a bad wrap at all. Well similar to the sandwich equivalent, it’s a very different tasting combination with the ham coming through ever so slightly and the lettuce providing a much needed crunch.

Well the coleslow is made up of carrot and onion, only a little mayonnaise is used, with grated coloured Cheddar and ham chunks making up the bulk of the ingredients without overdoing the mayo – so it has a nice balance.

And with the lettuce (romaine lettuce I thick) it does provide a nice crunch that would otherwise be lacking, this also combines well with the plain tortilla wrap.

Nutrition (Each Pack):

Energy: 1,764kJ Calories: 422 Fat: 21.3g Saturates: 8.0g Carbohydrate: 42.6g Sugar: 4.5g Fibre: 3.3g Protein: 13.2g Salt: 1.1g

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Tesco Ham, Cheese & Coleslaw packaging

Tesco Ham, Cheese & Coleslaw ingredients

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