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Best canned tuna fish brands

If you like your canned tuna so much than you should probably get familiar with a host of international canned tuna brands you can pick up in local stores and supermarkets.

Our list is ranked in alphabetical order, to seek out sustainable brands, view the companies based on sustainable ranking too.

Where are they stocked

We will mention where the tuna is stocked, but you are most likely to find it on supermarket shelves from all major stores in that country.

But remember, we do not feature local stores and supermarket brands, but they do share the shelves with these international canned tuna brands.

Sustainable Ranking

Keep on eye on our sustainable rank listing. Well we've taken Greenpeace's most recent ranking available online, the list below is listed in alphabetical order well the sustainable ranking is featured for these individual tuna companies.

Ranking is based on fishing practicing; whether its the methods used to catch tuna, the destruction they leave behind and more importantly the sea life killed in the process.

So well they might say dolphin safe, this might not actually be true.

Brand: Sustainable Rank: Country:
American Tuna 1 USA
Bumble Bee 17 USA
Cento N/A Italy
Chicken of the Sea 15 USA
Clover Leaf 11 Canada
Geisha N/A USA
John West 11 UK
Ocean Brands 4 Canada
Ocean Naturals 4 USA
Pastene 5 USA
Princes 10 UK
Raincoat Trading 1 Canada
Rio Mare 6 Italy
Safcol 3 Australia
Sirena 5 Australia
StarKist 20 USA
Unico 13 Canada
Wild Planet 1 USA

1. American Tuna

Mission of American Tuna is high quality sustainable canned albacore tuna and sell their brand in Whole Foods across the USA and major online retailers.

Sustainable Rank #1 2017 | Official website

2. Bumble Bee

Probably among America's best known brands, Bumble Bee specialise in canned seafood, with white Albacore their tuna of choice. Their products are sold in all major department stores and supermarket across the US.

Sustainable Rank #17 2017 | Official website

3. Cento

Italian based canned tuna company catching their tuna in the Pacific ocean and selling it to the US market for over 50 years.

Sustainable Rank N/A | Official website

4. Chicken of the Sea

For more than 100 years, Chicken of the Sea have been catching fish from the world oceans, with white Albacore tuna their fish of choice, stocked in all major stores in the USA.

Sustainable Rank #15 2017 | Official website

5. Clover Leaf

One of Canada's most recognisable canned tuna brands, they also can salmon, oysters, mussels, clams and shrimp. You'll find Clover Leaf in all major stores in Canada.

Sustainable Rank #11 2017 | Official website

6. Geisha

For over 100 years, Geisha have been canning seafood with the brand known throughout the world. Geisha catch solid White Albacore and sell it online and in major US stores.

Sustainable Rank N/A | Official website

7. John West

One of two major UK canned tuna specialists. Your find John West tuna - along with all types of canned seafood - in all major supermarkets including Tesco and Asda.

Sustainable Rank #11 2015 | Official website

8. Ocean Brands

Leading seafood brand in Canada, with one of their brand names known as Gold Seal and can be found on the shelves of major Canadian stores.

Sustainable Rank #4 2017 | Official website

9. Ocean Naturals

One of the newest brands of canned tuna in the USA, Ocean Natural come into the market bringing premium seafood to your plate, using Skipjack tuna and available from Amazon.

Sustainable Rank #4 2017 | Official website

10. Pastene

Italian cuisine going back generations, Pastine sell fish products including canned tuna to chain stores and independent retailers in the US.

Sustainable Rank #5 2017 | Official website

11. Princes

Princes stands side by side with John West as two of Britain's major canned tuna specialists, whether it tuna in brine, spring water or sunflower oil, they can by found in all UK stores.

Sustainable Rank #10 2015 | Official website

12. Raincoat Trading

Not the most flattering name for a seafood company, but Raincoat are known throughout Canada and the USA specialising in Albacore canned tuna.

Sustainable Rank #1 2017 | Official website

13. Rio Mare

Rio Mare is the face of canned tuna and seafood in Italy. The company has been around since the 60's and largely target the Italian market with its distinctive pink color packaging.

Sustainable Rank #6 2017 | Official website

14. Safcol

Australia's premier seafood specialists with a worldwide market, controlling the catch from ship to shelf selling in Australian stores and international.

Sustainable Rank #3 | Official website

15. Sirena

Well unable to find great quality canned tuna to suit the Italian palate in Australia, the root of the company was planted. They now sell canned tuna in water to an assortment of flavors - to the Aussie market.

Sustainable Rank #5 | Official website

16. StarKist

StarKist produce canned tuna with kits and pouch meals available. They are located in the US and sell to online retailers and major chains throughout the country.

Sustainable Rank #20 2017 | Official website

17. Unico

Unico have been supplying canned tuna to Canadians for more than 100 years, with the range available in major department stores and online.

Sustainable Rank #13 2017 | Official website

18. Wild Planet

Wild Planet specialise in wild Albacore tuna and sell to the US whole food market and even supply the range here in the UK.

Sustainable Rank #1 2017 | Official website

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