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You can't have an all sandwich recipe resource without covering all possible bread types; so here's what you get with all types of sandwiches to cover.
No. of Recipes: 45

Classic Sandwich Recipes

Classic sandwich recipes are what is pressed in-between white or wholemeal bread, can include meat, cheese or salad ingredients.

No. of Recipes: 4

Bagel Sandwich Recipes

Fulfilling bagel sandwich recipe ideas that include fillings with a healthy choice with plain, poppy seed, multi-grain, wholemeal and onion bagels.

No. of Recipes: 3

Panini Sandwich Recipes

Heat up a panini sandwich recipe with fillings freshly prepared and cooked in your oven or under the gill with hot meats or sauces.

No. of Recipes: 8

Grilled Sandwich Recipes

Cook up a classic sandwich in a hot pan with oil or butter to create a crispy crust, giving time for the food to heat up and the cheese to melt.

No. of Recipes: 5

Wrap Sandwich Recipes

Filling for wrap sandwich recipes are made cold but hot fillings for wraps can be an option - similar to sandwiches, but proportioned thin.

No. of Recipes: 5

Sub Sandwich Recipes

Submarine sandwiches are long soft rolls in plain, wholemeal or seeded; filled with cold classics or ingredients that must be served heated up.

No. of Recipes: 2

Baguette Sandwich Recipes

Make a baguette sandwich using traditional French ingredients or use any of your favorite fillings for a whole new taste.

No. of Recipes: 1

Ciabatta Sandwich Recipes

Warmed up in the oven ciabatta sandwich recipes consisting of mostly Italian fillings, but more popular ingredients are sure to be used.

No. of Recipes: 3

Rolls Sandwich Recipes

Deep filled bread roll sandwiches can be used with cold fillings or hot freshly cooked ingredients - with a soft bun or a crusty roll.

No. of Recipes: 3

Croissant Sandwich Recipes

Heat up a croissant in the oven but not before cooking up bacon, eggs or other foods to to create up an epic croissant sandwich recipe.

No. of Recipes: 1

Pita Sandwich Recipes

Fill up a pita pocket with hot meats while garnishing with complimentary dressings, and a bunch of salad to make a crunchy bite, but a filling one.