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Sandwich guides for knowing how to make, prepare or create a sandwich the healthy way or maximum taste way - including ideas for what to serve with it.

Published 3 September 2017

What to serve with a sandwich

Boost up your cold or hot sandwich meal with a serving of salads, dips or potato chips - then wash it all down with a drink of your choice.

Published 2 September 2017

Roast Chicken Sandwich ideas

Get roast chicken sandwich ideas from my top ten recipes; from the very easy, to the ridiculously easy, using our common chicken fillings.

Published 27 August 2017

Avocado Sandwich Ideas

Popularity of avocado has reached new heights, so why not get avocado sandwich recipe ideas using the most common Hass Avocado.

Published 25 August 2017

Tomato Sandwich Ideas

Juicy tomato inspired sandwiches consisting of salad, beef or ripped tomatoes; paired with cheeses, salads and meats - with mayo or salad dressing.

Published 19 August 2017

Required sandwich storage temperature

As confirmed by all major food agencies, 40� F (4� C) is the recommended temperature to store food in the fridge - along with your sandwiches.

Published 18 August 2017

How to keep sandwiches fresh for party

So you want to know the secret of keeping sandwiches fresh for a party, there's no big secret, as you just stop the air drying out the bread.

Published 11 August 2017

Turkey Sandwich ideas

Get inspired with turkey sandwich ideas for you to make all year round, using freshly cooked turkey out of the oven, or cold store bought.

Published 28 July 2017

What is a bacon bap

Bap commonly refers to a soft white floury topped roll or bun. A British term to explain a bacon sandwich made with a plain white roll.

Published 23 July 2017

Best canned tuna fish brands

Familiarize yourself with global canned tuna fish brands, so you can make your tuna mayo sandwich in the knowledge it is sustainable.