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When I buy a sandwich or related item I'll be sure to snap away, taking as many photos as possible - this way you can enjoy it too, at single every angle.

Published 8th November 2017

Tesco Finest Chicken & Smoked Bacon Sandwich Gallery

Showcasing Tesco's Finest Chicken and Bacon flatbread wrap, exploring the packaging with close up shots of the flatbread ingredients.

Published 3rd October 2017

Tesco Cheese & Onion Sandwich Gallery

Close up look at Tesco Cheese and Cnion sandwich; from the packaging to the bread and filling - made with Cheddar, red Leicester and onion.

Published 30th September 2017

Asda Meat Feast Sub with Chicken Breast Gallery

Photo gallery of Asda Meat Feast with pictures of the ingredients; includes jalapeno, chorizo and roast chicken, sub roll and packaging up close.

Published 17th September 2017

Tesco Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich Gallery

Pictures of Tesco Chicken and Sweetcorn sandwich consisting of chicken breast, sweetcorn and seasoned mayo in a malted brown bread.

Published 10th September 2017

Tesco Chicken Salad Sandwich Gallery

Tesco Chicken Salad sandwich picture gallery covering every angle; from the packaging and ingredients, to the malted brown bread.

Published 7th September 2017

Tesco Egg & Bacon Sandwich Gallery

Visual look at Tesco Egg and Bacon sandwich, in which it consists of cooked sweetcure bacon and a hard boiled egg with mayo, not egg mayonnaise.

Published 30th August 2017

Tesco The Chicken Club Sandwich Gallery

Photo gallery of Tesco Chicken Club sandwich with pictures taken in the inner and outer packetaging, along with close up photos of the filling.

Published 29th August 2017

Tesco Beef Horseradish Sandwich Gallery

View Tesco Beef & Horseradish Sandwich gallery consisting of photo's of a supermarket sandwich with packaging and up close views.

Published 25th August 2017

Asda Wiltshire Ham Cheddar Ploughman's Sandwich Gallery

Not the most classic ploughman's taste, but you can explore its ingredients close up which consist of far more ingredients that other sandwiches.

Published 8th January 2017

Tesco Prawn Cocktail Sauce Gallery

Pot of prawn cocktail sauce consists of a Marie Rose with small coldwater prawns; I've then added it to a wholemeal bread sandwich with salad cress.