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how to make BLT sandwich in pictures

BLT Sandwich Pictures

Follow simple steps how to make a BLT sandwich in pictures, using a visual guide. All you need is wholemeal bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

Will start with two slices of bread, followed with a spread of mayo, four unsmoked back bacon rashers, tomato and Iceberg lettuce. Our BLT sandwich recipe outlines more information.

Step 1: Bread

Two slices of wholemeal bread on chopping board

Position two slices of medium cut wholemeal bread on a chopping board side by side.

Step 2: Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise spread on bottom wholemeal bread slice

On the one slice, spread on a good tablespoon of Hellmann's real mayonnaise - reaching out to the sides and corners.

Step 3: Bacon

Slices of bacon layered on mayonnaise sliced bread

You'll need four unsmoked back bacon rashers, simply fry in a dry pan for up to 4-5 minutes and allow to go cold.

Step 4: Tomato

Tomatoes piled on top of bacon

Cut four slices of tomato which should be a good balance between the bread and rest of the ingredients.

Step 5: Lettuce

BLT fully assembled

Cut off one Iceberg lettuce leaf and cut or tear into smaller pieces to fit in the sandwich.

Step 6: All Done

BLT made and cut in half

Simply close up the sandwich using the top slice of bread, cut in a triangle and serve - but best served chilled.

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