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Egg & Soldiers Recipe

Egg & Soldiers Recipe

Quick and easy classic boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast or lunch. Just be sure to boil eggs for an exact four and half minutes, for perfect runny eggs.

The boiled egg and soldiers is a popular breakfast meal in Great Britain, consisting of a boiled egg with a runny yolk and toast known as soldiers.

The soldiers are used to dip in the yolk when still hot and makes a wonderful combination.

The trick to a good boiled egg is the timing; four and half minutes should be enough to create perfect runny yolks.

Each egg and soldiers meal should include a small teaspoon so traditionally the egg whites can be eaten.

As a rule of thumb, one piece of white bread should be toasted for every egg boiled.

10 MIN.
10 MIN.


3 medium cut white bread
2 free range eggs


Begin by boiling your kettle and add the water to a small saucepan, then bring the water up to a boil on a medium heat. Insure there's enough water in the pan to just about cover your eggs
Before adding your eggs to the boiling water, get your three slices of white bread under the grill or in the toaster
Get back to the boiling water and add two eggs to the water one at the time using a tablespoon
As soon as the eggs are in the boiling water time the eggs for 4� minutes (four and half minutes)
When the eggs are boiling, pop the toast out of the toaster or grill and butter. Once buttered, slice the toast equally lengthways so you create four or five finger slices of toast from each piece of bread
When 4� minutes are up remove the saucepan from the heat and tip away the boiling water down the sink. Immediately pour cold water in to the saucepan with your eggs to stop them cooking farther
With your sliced toast and egg cups on your plate dry the eggs and add them to the egg cups. With a sharp knife poke the top of egg and push the knife through and continue to cut the top piece of egg off
If you cut the egg away and you haven't met the yolk you can simply spoon some of the hard boiled egg away using a small spoon until you reach the yolk so you can dip your soldiers
Finally add a teaspoon to the plate so non of the egg is wasted in the shell and serve the egg and soldiers right away


Make your egg and soldiers healthy by substituting the white bread for wholemeal and use only two slices of bread with no butter.


Serve boiled egg and soldiers in the morning for breakfast with orange juice or make egg and soldiers in the day as a light meal.