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Colorful sandwich platter left out for party

How to keep sandwiches fresh for party

To keep sandwiches fresh ready for a party, its all about sealing in the sandwich and keeping the air out.

Freshness depends entirely on stopping air from drying out the bread.

And if the bread is exposed, either at room temperature or chilled, it will dry out the crust before the the rest of the breads turns later.

Use saran wrap for sandwich platter

After you've prepared the sandwiches place them on a regular plate, so saran wrap can grab on with ease.

You will not be able to use saran wrap properly on plastic or paper plates. Sandwich bags are good, but with saran wrap you can cover a dozen sandwiches with one big wrap.

What else can I do

There are also a few more methods you can do to help the process of keeping sandwich fresh, ready for the party.

Uncut until party

Keep sandwiches fresh by keeping them uncut until the party is due, then pop them out of the fridge and cut in quarters before presenting them nicely on a plate.

Avoid wet fillings

Probably unavoidable but worth a try, leave out vegetables that have wet centers that make bread soggy. This could be tomato and cucumber, but if you use them layer in the center of the filling, so they don't touch the bread.

Sandwich bags

Actually sandwich bags will work out better than saran wrap, but are you really going to use up a dozen sandwich bags for your platter? I shouldn't think so.

But if you do, keep the sandwich uncut and pop in up to two whole sandwiches in each bag, this will not only save on bag use, but uncut bread does stay fresh.

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