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Chicken Club Sandwich Recipe

Chicken Club Sandwich Recipe

Standing tall triple chicken clubhouse sandwich recipe made with three slices of toasted bread, roast chicken, bacon, Cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

So it all begins in a frying pan, where you'll take three slices of farmhouse wholemeal bread from the middle of the bag - where all slices are even.

You'll then keep them stacked together and pop them into a pre-heated 'dry' frying pan and cook both sides of the bread stack for up to two and half minutes until the bread is golden.

During this process you should never dissemble the pile, as the middle bread slice will not reach direct heat, but the strength of the heat from the pan will give it a light toasting.

Its then a matter of assembling this sandwich on the chopping board with chicken and bacon on one level, Cheddar, tomato and lettuce on the top level.

8 MIN.
10 MIN.


3 Wholemeal farmhouse bread slices
65g Roast cooked chicken breast
2 Unsmoked back bacon rashers
50g Mature Cheddar cheese
2 tbsp. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise
4 Tomato slices
Half Iceberg lettuce leaf, shredded


Preheat a frying pan and place in three slices of bread in a pile - making sure they are similar size and shape
Cook both sides for 2 to 3 minutes each until the bread is toasted golden with a crispy crust likely to form
Well continuously turning in the pan do not remove the middle slice as it will lightly toast without direct heat
Once toasted, remove bread from pan - set aside - then empty pan of bread crumbs and add two slices of unsmoked back bacon
Use the back of a spatula to keep the bacon pressed flat against the hot pan for a crispy rind - cooking for at least 2 minutes or less on each side, turning continuously
On the chopping board, keep the bottom toasted side facing down, then place the middle slice next to it - and finally the top toasted slice facing up - never add ingredients to this toasted side
On the facing down slice and middle slice, add one tablespoon of mayonnaise on each slice, spreading out to the sides and corners
Then on the facing down toasted side position your 65g roast chicken slices, 2 unsmoked back bacon
And then on the middle slice, cover with 50g Cheddar cheese, or just enough to cover the bread
On top of the Cheddar, position 4 tomato slices two by two, then sprinkle on your shredded Iceberg lettuce
Finally assemble your club sandwich by taking your middle bread slice containing the cheese and pop it directly on the slice with the chicken and bacon - then close it with the toasted slice facing up
Best served right away at room temperature


Calories: 919 Fat: 54.9g Salt: 5.6g Carbs: 51.8g Protein: 62.7g Fibre: 9.7g Energy: 3877kJ