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My own roast chicken salad sandwich made with an wholemeal bread

Roast Chicken Sandwich ideas

Why make it difficult when you can make the most of your cooked roast chicken breast using our nice and easy ten roast chicken sandwich ideas.

And they really are, if any fillings suggested below are not within your reach or budget, substitute it with a similar ingredient as it will still work.

1. Chicken Salad

Quite possibly everyone's favorite chicken sandwich recipe, the world over. Begin by using plenty of seasoned chicken, a long with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise in a wholemeal bread.

2. Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

A BLT with cooked roast chicken, start with the usual unsmoked back bacon, tomato slices and a leaf from an Iceberg lettuce - and don't forget the mayo.

3. Chicken Mayonnaise

And ideal sandwich when you have chicken leftover but no other ingredients. But you don't need it with cooked chicken and a spoonful of mayo, it still works with no extras.

4. Chicken & Stuffing

Well we can't have chicken without stuffing can we. So why not prepare an instant stuffing mix, or make up your own.

Add slices of cooked stuffing to a white bread a long with roast chicken and a spread of mayonnaise.

5. Butter Roast Chicken & Sausage

Well not vital, using a butter basted roast chicken cooked in the oven is simply beautiful.

And in a wholemeal bread, level with the butter chicken, sausage and sweet cure bacon - with a spoonful of mayonnaise.

6. Chicken & Sweetcorn

Probably among the easiest chicken sandwich recipes you can make.

Throw your chicken chunks into a bowl, along with a spoonful of mayonnaise and sweetcorn out of a can - and spread into a bread of your choice.

7. Roast Chicken, Bacon & Stuffing

Now you can use the instant kind or make your own stuffing here, which we recommend.

But all you need is to slice the stuffing to fit the sandwich, layering with chicken and bacon.

8. Roast Chicken

That's right, all it takes to make an easy but tasty sandwich is one ingredient. In this case chunks of roast chicken with a light spread of butter in white bread.

9. Chicken Club

Well its not as hard as it sounds, its only a sandwich using three slices of bread. Start be toasting the bread on all sides and allow to cool.

Then add mayo, chicken and bacon, then on the next level, Cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.

10. Chicken, Bacon & Avocado

You'll need to use slices from a beautifully ripped avocado with this one, but adding your roast chicken chunks a long with two unsmoked sweet cure bacon in wholemeal bread will sure make this sandwich a little different.

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