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Rustlers The Flame Grilled Deluxe with Bacon & Cheese

Rustlers The Flame Grilled Deluxe with Bacon & Cheese

This Rustlers flame grilled deluxe is a microwave burger made from 43% beef in a sesame seeded bun with a processed cheese slice and a sachet of burger sauce.

Rustlers burger kit out of pack
Out of the package you'll find a sesame seeded bun, rasher of bacon, sachet of burger sauce and a single slice of cheese.

And as far as microwave burgers go, this Rustlers burger is up there among the best.

If you appreciate processed burgers as appose to homemade burgers, then this one can't be beat in quality on the shop shelf.

Microwave ready burger in bun with cheese
To microwave this Rustlers cheese burger you only need the cheese and bacon in the bun.

Although cooking time can have many effects on the quality, the most negative results is a crunchy bun when cooked to long.

But get it right and the whole bun is soft, hot and a little moist, but does add to the overall taste.

Rustlers deluxe with added cheese and sauce
Now its microwaved, add the cheese and the burger sauce on top, using the packet to spread it around.

So how does it taste? Well if you're familiar with McDonald's cheese burger then this one is not far off.

This is largely down to the Rustlers burger sauce that brings it together, but make sure you use the cheese to complete the burger.

How the Rustlers deluxe looks complete
Once assembled the Rustlers deluxe looks pretty good, over cooking will result in the bun wrinkling.

In reality, if you like your microwaves burgers and you don't end up liking this one, your only option is a brand called Feasters, and believe me, its poor.

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