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Steak & Cheese Sub Recipe

Steak & Cheese Sub Recipe

Try your hands at a steak and cheese sub using a stack of beef strips topped with melted Cheddar and fresh salad.

Probably the best sandwich we've ever made, this is a mouth-watering steak and cheese sandwich with fried beef strips, freshly cut from a beef joint with Cheddar cheese melted on top - using the same pan.

We've used green pepper and red onion to compliment it beautifully. But with a light spread of honey and mustard dressing, you'd have yourself a mighty sub.

To prepare the sub rolls

Before you start preparing this recipe, you'll first need to toast the sub rolls.

To do this cut open a sub roll and butter the top and bottom slice, place both sides butter side down on a heavy pan and cook until the butter has melted and turned to toast - with a golden and lightly rustic texture.

Make beef strips from roasting joint

You'll need yourself a small beef roasting joint from the store at a cost of about £5.50 GBP or $7.09 USD - but make sure you pick up the flattest one available.

However, your cut of beef joint will very. If its a single layer joint you can go ahead and begin slicing the strips at 1mm to 2mm thick.

But if its a rolled joint, you'll need to remove the string and unravel it - but be sure to remove all the fat and grizzle as best you can using a heavy knife.

20 MIN.
20 MIN.


1 Plain white sub roll
2 Slices Cheddar cheese
125g Beef strips cut from a beef joint, make 7 to 10 strips per sub
1 tbsp. Olive oil
1 tbsp. Honey and mustard salad dressing
2 green peppers slices, chopped
1 Red onion slice, chopped


Before you begin, following the instructions above, make sure your sub is toasted and all the beef strips have been cut from the roasting joint
Heat up a heavy pan on a medium heat with a tablespoon of olive oil, throw in your 7 to 10 beef strips and continue to turn them all until all strips have browned off within five minutes
Then using a spatula move your beef strips into a corner in a similar shape and size to that of your sub roll
Then top it off with 2 slices of Cheddar, but again stay in the confines of the shape you've created with the beef strips
To speed up the process of the cheese melting, create a make-shift kitchen foil lid using a dish towel to protect your hands - the cheese should melt within a minute
Then take the bottom side of your toasted sub roll and slide the beef and melted cheese pile directly onto the sub roll out of the pan - be sure to use a plate
On the top sub roll pour on a tablespoon of Honey and mustard dressing
Directly on the beef and cheese add your chopped green peppers and red onions
Close up the sandwich, cut in half and enjoy well its still nice and hot


Calories: 856 Fat: 49.4g Salt: 1.3g Carbs: 57.3g Protein: 44.1g Fibre: 4.7g Energy: 2348kJ