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Tesco Chicken & Bacon Mayonnaise Sandwich

Tesco Chicken & Bacon Mayonnaise Sandwich

A review of Tesco chicken and bacon mayo sandwich consisting of malted brown bread with a blend of mayonnaise, chicken breast and sweet cure bacon.

Tesco chicken and bacon sandwich, open package
An open pack of Tesco chicken and bacon mayonnaise sandwich.

As much as five years ago, I remember this exact sandwich costing as little £1.05. That's fair enough because it was a sandwich with a couple of tablespoons of chicken and bacon spread - like from their sandwich filler range.

Tesco chicken and bacon mayo out of pack
How to sandwich looks when taken out of the packaging, you’ll notice the filling doesn’t reach the edges.

That's right small chunks of chicken (22%) with tiny pieces of bacon (5%) and the mayonnaise making up the final 73%.

Tesco chicken and bacon view around crust
A look around the sandwich and its very noticeable the filling does not go far.

But this is a very tasty sandwich, with the guarantee of plenty of mayonnaise that often goes amiss with every supermarket bought sandwich using fresh ingredients. But this is not one of those sandwiches, this is chicken and bacon 'spread' in a sandwich.

Opening up and sandwich to view the filling
Tesco chicken and bacon sandwich opened up to reveal filling.

A few years ago, again the price of this sandwich shot up to £1.15 from £1.05. And now it costs a staggering £1.50 with no improvements or quantity to justify the hike.

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