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Tesco The Chicken Club Sandwich

Tesco The Chicken Club Sandwich Review

A two layer chicken club sandwich consisting of bacon and chicken on the one side, with tomato and slice Cheddar on the next layer, with a light double spread of mayonnaise.

This is all the ingredients that make up this whopping 3cm - or 1 and a half inch - thick sandwich that boost three slices of bread.

The sandwich filling is made up of two fillings in one, with meat on the one level, cheese and salad on the next.

The structure of this chicken club is made up of three slices of malted brown bread with the two outer slices consisting of deep brown grill marks and the inner bread slice just holding the mayonnaise.

So how does it taste?

Well, surprisingly good, when you open the packet, you'll notice the fresh salad smell that often hits you when opening a Tesco sandwich.

When taking a deep bite the sandwich holds, but after a few bites the cheese combines with the chicken, creating a sort of creamy cheese texture.

If you have a nose for flavors, you may notice the the taste of the grilled bread contributes.

While its soul purpose is to create a solid base for the sandwich, the grill marks are slightly chargrilled, most notably around the edges giving off a mild charred taste and subtle smell.

Is it worth it

Absolutely, generally you pay for one sandwich with a Tesco sandwich with one filling.

But in this one its made up of three slices of bread, so that's one and a quarter sandwich in total with pretty much two fillings to enjoy.

And the price still stands close to the average Tesco sandwich price.


This is a tasty chicken club sandwich I would buy over and over again. It has a filling that doesn't overwhelm but combines well, with a thin double spread of mayo that keeps things together.

How much does it cost

This is a new realize, but as of July 2017 the cost of this sandwich stand at £2.35.

My personal pictures

Club sandwiches still in packet, ripped open
Tear open the flap located on the right side of the packet to be greeted with an appetizing club sandwich.
Close up view of club sandwich
Out of the sandwich packet and your met with a two half sandwich consisting of six layers of bread in total with a mixture of yummy ingredients.
One side shows little visible ingredients
But up close on the crust side reality hits you when you realize the sandwich filling is not that generous after all.
No visible ingredients protruding out of bread
On the over side of the outer bread a bit of filling does pop out, but the rest of the bread is closed shut. So much for filling throughout the sandwich.
Club sandwiches with clear grill marks
Makes a change to see grill marks in your supermarket bought sandwich, but the grill marks here do provide an extra level of chargrilled taste.
One half has bacon, chicken, lettuce and mayo
On this level you get the bacon, chicken and lettuce with a spread of mayo.
One half contains cheese, tomato and mayo
Well on this level you get big slices of tomato and a thin slice of mature Cheddar cheese, again with a spread of mayonnaise to help it stick.

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