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Tesco Just Ham (No Mayo) Sandwich

Tesco Just Ham (No Mayo) Sandwich Review

Just like the no-nonsense ham sandwich you would make at home - a few slices of reformed ham with a spread of butter and perhaps a little mayo or mustard.

Unfortunately, this all to simple sandwich doesn't even compare to the ones you'd make at home.

Largely because it contains very little ham and no mayonnaise. But in this case there was no butter at all, just plain ham and white bread.

The only thing you will be doing with this Tesco just ham sandwich when you get home is spreading your own butter or mayo, perhaps with a little mustard.

But if you're out and about you'll be gasping for a drink as the lack of sauce creates the ideal choking hazard.


The 'just' sandwich range from Tesco cost £1.00, its handy for a low cost snack but I recommend you take it home or back to work and add a little butter or mayo.

My personal pictures

Back of sandwich packet ingredients
Going by the sandwich details on the back of the pack, it would be a hard sell trying to convince you to buy this sandwich if you didn't already fancy a ham sandwich.
Open packet with ham visible in bread slices
Opening the pack you'll notice the folded over wafer thin ham.
Two sandwich halves laid out on surface
Out of the packet the sandwiches are simple as its gets, with two white bread halves and thin layer of ham.
Opened bread reveals ham
Opening the sandwich you can inspect the ingredients, and to be fair at least the ham covers the whole bread on this one.
View ham sandwich from crust sides
The filling from the crust sides makes it impossible to notice what this sandwich consists of.

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