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Tesco 'Ready to Eat' Prawn Cocktail

Tesco 'Ready to Eat' Prawn Cocktail Review

A ready to eat prawn cocktail sauce with cooked and peeled coldwater prawns (Panalus borealis) with a Marie Rose sauce - try it in a bowl with salad or in a sandwich.

My fondest memory of prawn cocktail sauce was in a sandwich I first tried several years ago.

It came in wholemeal bread with Marie Rose sauce with lots of small coldwater prawns - this soon disappeared off the shelves and replaced with the now popular prawn mayonnaise sandwich.

Now, knowing this sandwich vanished from the supermarket shelves you can imagine how hard it was to replicate my own when I had very little knowledge of what the sauce was.

Actually its only been the last few years I found out it was Marie Rose sauce when I bought this Tesco Prawn Cocktail.

This Tesco version tastes just like the one I tried in a sandwich all those years ago.

Its quite a runny Marie Rose sauce with the small coldwater prawns making up the bulk of the pot it comes in. I recommend you throw half the pot in a wholemeal bread to make yourself a prawn cocktail sandwich.

If you need a sauce to eat with prawns, forget that vinegary seafood sauce, the prawn cocktail sauce in this pot will win you over but you may need to make it yourself.

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