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Tomato, cheese sandwich in a wholemeal bread

Tomato Sandwich Ideas

We like ripped, juicy tomatoes so much we've decided to do a top 10 list, comprising of sandwich recipes centerd around this classic, great 'source of vitamin' tomato.

And well we are at it, we suggest you cut your tomato extra thick, perhaps using a whole tomato per sandwich, but try to retain the juices, as this is the must nutritious part.

Well we concentrate on salad tomatoes, feel free to try on the vine, cherry or big beef tomatoes.

1. Big Beef Tomato and Mayonnaise Sandwich

Cut two thick slices of bread from an uncut loaf, spread in a big dollop of mayonnaise and one or two thick slices of beef tomato.

Then use mayo on each side to protect the bread from the juices, and prevent it getting soggy.

2. Tomato, Basil, Onion and Avocado Sandwich

Thoroughly delicious - and healthy - tomato sandwich made with thinly sliced avocado and red onion sitting on a bed of basil - with a spread of mayonnaise.

Use a good wholemeal bread for fibre and this one will be ideal for dieting.

3. Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

Classic cheese and tomato sandwich consisting of a mild Cheddar cheese and salad tomato with a spread of mayo in a medium cut white bread.

Not much else goes into it but you can season the tomato with a little salt and pepper if desired.

4. Tomato, Basil & Cream Cheese Bagel

Good size beef tomatoes are a good fit for bagels, but rarely are paired together.

With this one use a single thick slice of beef tomato on a bed of basil with a big spoonful of cream cheese on a poppy seeded bagel, for texture.

5. Tomato, Onion and Lettuce Salad Sandwich

Everything you'd expect from a salad sandwich but minus the meat. And well this one might be crying out for chicken or such, this will make an ideal dietary sandwich.

Made with salad tomatoes, red onion and Iceberg lettuce with Hellmann's mayonnaise in a wholemeal bread.

6. Cheese & Tomato Toastie

Cover a slice of bread with mature Cheddar and top that with up to five slices of salad tomato. Butter top side of bread and place face down in a fry frying pan.

Continue to turn over until the bread has toasted and the cheese has melted.

7. Ham & Tomato Sandwich

British staple 'ham and tomato sandwich' consisting of honey roasted ham and sliced salad tomato with a spread of mayo in a medium white bread.

Make it extra nutritious by adding cucumber, lettuce and red onion.

8. Chicken & Tomato Sandwich

Take enough chicken chunks to cover the bread and mix it with mayo before adding to the sandwich.

Lightly season with salt and pepper - even a drop of lemon - and spread into a sandwich with five slices of tomato.

9. Tomato and Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Make the egg mayo like you always do, one hard boiled egg and one tablespoon of mayo mixed thoroughly together and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Bung it all into two slices of wholemeal bread topped with five tomato slices.

10. Tomato and Cucumber with Cream Cheese Sandwich, crustless

Posh nosh tomato and cucumber sandwich in a thin, white bread with the crusts cut off before assembly.

Spread on a light coat of cream cheese on bottom and top slice, add four tomato and cucumber slices. Then cut into squares or triangles for a light snack.

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