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Turkey Club Sandwich Recipe

Turkey Club Sandwich Recipe

Tall turkey club sandwich recipe consists of leftover roast turkey and unsmoked back bacon on the bottom level, with mature Cheddar, tomato and spinach on the top level.

This club sandwich is stacked in between three slices of whole meal bread - the outer slices toasted in the grill pan.

Each slice gets a spoonful of mayonnaise, before topping with roast turkey and bacon.

Top that with the middle bread slice before topping it again with mature Cheddar, tomato and spinach - preferably with the stems removed but consider using them.

Do the sandwich fillings matter

Here we are using turkey and bacon on one level, with cheese and salad on the next level up.

You can use a variation of fillings but using these exact sandwich fillings make the perfect match. Just be sure to use the turkey and bacon on the bottom level to create a reinforced base.

Grill the bread

Most traditional club sandwiches are stacked high, to stop it falling over, toast the outer side of your bread which helps the structure of this sandwich and makes for a tastier bite.

You may also think about using cocktail sticks to poke through the bread to stop it collapsing.

Be sure to take out 3 slices of bread in a row from the bread bag, preferably from the middle.

As the bread it baked and sliced before packing, you'll have 3 slices of bread perfectly lined up, which looks good with the final sandwich.

Cook a whole turkey or use packet

We recommend you make this sandwich from a whole turkey, cut from the breast. It won't be worth your time or money buying a whole turkey just for this turkey club sandwich.

But next time you cook a turkey - perhaps for Christmas or Thanksgiving - set aside some turkey slices to make this sandwich later.

10 MIN.
150 MIN.


3 Wholemeal bread slices, grilled
100g roast turkey, sliced
2 Unsmoked back bacon rashers
1½ Cathedral City mature Cheddar cheese slices
3 tbsp. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise
4 Tomato slices
5 Spinach leaves, stems removed


Before you do anything else, pop a small to medium size turkey in the oven, gas mark 7 for two and half hours
Take 3 slices of wholemeal bread in a row out of the bag - from the center - so the sandwich lines up when assembled
In a pre-heated grill pan, pop in your stack of 3 slices of bread, toasting the outer sides of the bread, well the middle slice is protected and kept in place at all times
Then clean the grill pan of the bread crumbs and pop in 2 rashers of bacon in the pan, cooking both sides for up to 2 to 3 minutes and then set aside for later
Lay three slices of wholemeal bread side by side on the chopping board and add a spoonful of Hellman's mayonnaise on each slice, spreading to the edges and corners
On the far right bread slice, add 100g of sliced roast turkey cut from the breast, and on top of the turkey position two rashers of unsmoked back bacon
Take the middle slice of bread with the mayo side facing up, and position on top of the turkey and bacon making sure its the slice that lines up
On this second level, on the mayo position one and a half slice of mature Cheddar cheese, covering the bread as best you can
And then add 4 slices of tomato and then pile on your spinach
Pop on your top toasted slice of wholemeal bread and slice the turkey club sandwich in half, diagonally
Best served chilled in the fridge for up to an hour if you can resist, but you can get stuck into it right away


Calories: 1034 Fat: 64g Salt: 7.4g Sodium: 0.57mg Carbs: 56g Protein: 64g Fibre: 12g Energy: 1304kJ