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Turkey, cranberry sandwich on display

Turkey Sandwich ideas

Well very underrated throughout the year, turkey is not just for Christmas. Next time you cook a roast turkey, save a few roast turkey slices to make one of our ten turkey sandwiches listed below.

Each sandwich mostly consists of roast turkey, mayonnaise and trimmings, but make the most of your turkey sandwich by substituting the usual sliced bread by and replacing it with toasted bread or pop your fillings in a baguette.

1. Turkey Feast Sandwich

This turkey feast is made up of two slices of wholemeal bread with a big dollop of mayo.

Then its layered with roast turkey, two unsmoked back bacon rashers, pork sage and onion stuffing with a spread of cranberry sauce.

2. Turkey Club Sandwich

We've actually made this turkey club sandwich ourselves, and believe us when we say its worth it.

Grill a stack of three slices of wholemeal bread in a dry pan, keeping the pile in tack and not removing the middle slice.

The top level is then made up with mayonnaise, roast turkey and two bacon rashers.

Then build up the bottom level with mayo again, tomato, spinach and Cheddar before stacking the whole sandwich.

3. Turkey BLT Sandwich

Pretty much a traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich but with the introduction of roast turkey slices.

Simply use a good wholemeal bread, then level it with a spread of mayo, roast turkey, lots of unsmoked bacon, tomato and an Iceberg lettuce leaf, shredded.

4. Turkey Salad Sandwich

All you need to do here is remove the usual chicken and turn it into a turkey salad sandwich.

Start with two wholemeal slices, spread a big tablespoon of mayo, then layer it with roast turkey, tomato, spinach and crunchy red onion.

5. Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Turkey and cranberry are a match made in heaven, but when you introduce bread, could there be anything more sweet.

Simply use a medium cut wholemeal bread - adding a dollop of mayo on once slice and a dollop of cranberry sauce on the next.

Then level it with roast turkey and spinach - easy.

6. Toasted Turkey Sandwich

Well wholemeal bread works too, use a thin cut white bread and layer it with a spread of mayo, thin slices of roast turkey, juicy tomato slices - grilled beforehand - and finally a few leaves of spinach.

Well making sure the ingredients are secure, pop your assembled sandwich into a grill pan on a high heat.

Continue to turn over the sandwich until the white bread is toasted and the heat has passed through the sandwich, warming through the turkey filling.

7. Cold Turkey Baguette

Ideally use a ready to bake small white baguette from the bakery, cook it to a light brown and allow to cool. Then top it with mayonnaise, mature Cheddar cheese slices and slices of turkey.

8. Turkey Cheese Sandwich

Who would of thought Cheddar and turkey go together so well.

This turkey cheese sandwich calls for two slices of wholemeal bread, a tablespoon of Hellmann's real mayonnaise - layered with roast turkey and a mature Cheddar cheese.

9. Turkey and Sausage Sandwich

You will really want to try this meaty feast. Grill up two thick pork sausages, allow to cool and slice down the middle lengthways.

Add a tablespoon of mayo to the bread, then top it with turkey breast and your four sausage halves.

10. Turkey and Bacon Sandwich

No nonsense turkey and bacon sandwich consists of two wholemeal bread slices, mayo, roast turkey breast slices and at least two slices of unsmoked back bacon.

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