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Croissant Sandwich Recipes

Traditionally a breakfast food, but to make a croissant sandwich is sure to please; can included cold or hot melted cheese, bacon or eggs cooked all ways.

Published 26 January 2017

Bacon & Cheese Omelette Croissant Recipe

Pan fried bacon and Cheddar cheese omelette in a warm all butter French croissant for a melt-in-your-mouth light breakfast croissant sandwich.

Published 29 August 2012

Folded Scrambled Egg Croissant Recipe

Lightly cooked pan fried fluffy scrambled eggs folded up in-between a warmed through French croissant with a spread of butter, melted into the pastry.

Published 25 January 2017

Unsmoked Back Bacon Croissant Recipe

Make a bacon croissant sandwich with a warm all butter French croissant using rashers of pan fried back bacon, topped with ketchup and butter.