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Classic Sandwich Recipes - Page 2

Published 11 July 2017

Turkey Stuffing Sandwich Recipe

Make up a traditional sandwich with sage and onion stuffing with juicy roast turkey breasts chunks for a festive time sandwich with pork stuffing optional.

Published 4 March 2017

Cheese & Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Simple but highly effective combination of a mature Cheese cheese and juicy tomato slices with a thin spread of mayonnaise on a wholemeal bread.

Published 17 February 2017

Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Simple as it gets classic cheese sandwich with English Cheddar and a spread of soft butter in a white sliced bread, a little mayonnaise is optional.

Published 5 February 2017

Corned Beef & Cheese Sandwich Recipe

One of many variations of a corned beef sandwich; must include strong mature Cheddar cheese with mayonnaise on a medium cut soft white bread.

Published 1 February 2017

Healthy Ham & Cottage Cheese Thin Recipe

Sandwich thin with low fat cottage cheese, one slice of ham, tomato and mixed leaf lettuce for a healthy snack with a reduction on the sandwich bread.

Published 29 January 2017

Cottage Cheese, Sweetcorn & Spinach Sandwich Recipe

Low fat, healthy cottage cheese, corn and spinach in a medium cut whole bread for a vegetarian sandwich as a light lunch with lots of goodness.

Published 28 January 2017

Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

Enjoy a simple chicken and mayonnaise sandwich with cooked, ready to eat juicy chicken breast slices and Hellmann's mayo, lightly seasoned.

Published 23 January 2017

Ploughman's Lunch Sandwich Recipe

Turn your Ploughman's lunch into a big sandwich with Branston pickle, slices of mature Cheddar and thick cuts of ham, in place of the traditional pork pie.

Published 31 August 2012

Deli Corned Beef Sandwich Recipe

Up to three slices of fresh deli corned beef, ready-cut to be placed in a white bread sandwich consisting of a little mayo or a spread of butter only.

Published 31 August 2012

Chip Butty Recipe

Traditionally made up with chip shop chips, or use fries cooked in the oven; to be pressed in-between two slices of white bread, used with ketchup.