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Published 25 September 2017

Chicken & Bacon Wrap Recipe

Supermarket inspired chicken and bacon wrap made with roast chicken breast chunks and unsmoked back bacon in a plain tortilla wrap.

Published 7 September 2017

Tesco Egg & Bacon Sandwich Review

Review of Tesco Egg and Bacon sandwich which consists of sweetcure bacon and hard boiled egg with seasoned mayonnaise in a malted brown bread.

Published 3 September 2017

What to serve with a sandwich

Boost up your cold or hot sandwich meal with a serving of salads, dips or potato chips - then wash it all down with a drink of your choice.

Published 2 September 2017

Turkey BLT Sandwich Recipe

Turkey BLT sandwich consisting of cooked turkey slices, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise - in-between two slices of wholemeal bread.

Published 2 September 2017

Roast Chicken Sandwich ideas

Get roast chicken sandwich ideas from my top ten recipes; from the very easy, to the ridiculously easy, using our common chicken fillings.

Published 31 August 2017

Caramelize Onions & Steak Ciabatta Recipe

Medium rare steak and caramelized red onion ciabatta roll using sliced cooked beef and sticky onions cooked with brown sugar for a sweet texture.

Published 29 August 2017

Tesco Beef & Horseradish Sandwich Review

Review of this Tesco Beef and Horseradish sandwich consisting of medium rare roast beef, horseradish dressing, mayonnaise and lettuce.

Published 27 August 2017

Avocado Sandwich Ideas

Popularity of avocado has reached new heights, so why not get avocado sandwich recipe ideas using the most common Hass Avocado.

Published 25 August 2017

Tomato Sandwich Ideas

Juicy tomato inspired sandwiches consisting of salad, beef or ripped tomatoes; paired with cheeses, salads and meats - with mayo or salad dressing.

Published 25 August 2017

Tesco Chicken & Bacon Sub Review

Tesco sub review with one that consists of chicken breast, seasoned mayonnaise and sweetcure streaky bacon in a maize topped white sub roll.