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Published 29 August 2012

Folded Scrambled Egg Croissant Recipe

Lightly cooked pan fried fluffy scrambled eggs folded up in-between a warmed through French croissant with a spread of butter, melted into the pastry.

Published 29 August 2012

Chicken & Bacon Sandwich Recipe

Nothing too it really, layer the white bread sandwich with a dollop of mayonnaise, slices of mature Cheddar cheese along with rashers of back bacon.

Published 11 August 2017

Turkey Sandwich ideas

Get inspired with turkey sandwich ideas for you to make all year round, using freshly cooked turkey out of the oven, or cold store bought.

Published 31 January 2017

Tuna Salad Sub Recipe

Big tuna salad multi-seeded sub, filled with mayonnaise and canned tuna, peppers, tomato, red onion and cucumber for lots of healthy goodness.

Published 25 January 2017

Unsmoked Back Bacon Croissant Recipe

Make a bacon croissant sandwich with a warm all butter French croissant using rashers of pan fried back bacon, topped with ketchup and butter.

Published 13 January 2017

Pork Belly & Apple Roll Recipe

Hot slices of pork belly with Bramley apple sauce and chopped red apple; the fat pork fat combines with the sauce and the apple gives a needed crunch.

Published 5 October 2011

Prawn Cocktail Sandwich Recipe

King prawn cocktail sandwich consists of a healthy dollop of 4 tablespoons of cocktail sauce, with no other ingredients other than wholemeal bread.

Published 4 May 2011

Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Fresh, wholesome chicken salad sandwich made with juicy chicken breast slices, tomatoes, cucumber and Iceberg lettuce with a big spoonful of mayo.

Published 23 March 2011

Doner Kebab with Seasoned Lamb Recipe

Not quite what you get at the kebab house, but this is a simple to make doner kebab that is lightly seasoned with salad in a warmed up pita bread.

Published 22 March 2011

How to Boil an Egg: three ways

No nonsense way to cook a hard boiled egg three ways; includes the safe hardest boiled egg, to the softer and softest - which is runny for dipping toast.