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Published 21 July 2017

How to caramelize Red Onions

Make rich, flavorful caramelized red onions with use of two medium size red onions, olive oil, brown sugar and balsamic vinegar to cook in pan.

Published 21 July 2017

Asda Tzatziki Chicken (No Mayo) Sandwich Filler Review

Review of Asda sandwich filler consisting of diced cooked chicken breast in a Greek style yogurt with cucumber and mint, and its not very nice.

Published 19 July 2017

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub Recipe

As good as it gets freshly cooked roast chicken, bacon and melted Cheddar sub with an assortment of vegetables topped with a creamy ranch dressing.

Published 14 July 2017

Tesco Just Ham (No Mayo) Sandwich Review

Tesco Just Ham sandwich consists of plain white bread and reformed ham with added water, and a spread of butter - no mayo, mustard or sauce.

Published 14 July 2017

Tesco The Chicken Club Sandwich Review Review

Review of Tesco Chicken Club double layer sandwich with tomato, mature Cheddar, seasoned mayo, sweetcure bacon and lettuce on oatmeal bread.

Published 11 July 2017

Turkey Stuffing Sandwich Recipe

Make up a traditional sandwich with sage and onion stuffing with juicy roast turkey breasts chunks for a festive time sandwich with pork stuffing optional.

Published 9 July 2017

Chicken Salad Baguette Recipe

Make up a whole chicken salad baguette to share between three; includes roast chicken, tomato, red onion, cucumber and lettuce - served with chips.

Published 8 July 2017

Steak & Cheese Sub Pictures

Guide to a steak cheese sandwich using visuals as a step by step guide. This recipe consists of beef, cheese, green pepper and red onion.

Published 7 July 2017

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap Recipe

Traditional chicken caesar salad wrap with finely grated Parmesan cheese and romaine lettuce in a plain white tortilla, as its hard not to get it wrong.


Steak & Cheese Sub Recipe

Mighty meaty steak and cheese sub with roast beef cut in strips, Cheddar, red onion, green pepper and a spread of honey and mustard dressing.